This is the last release that supports the 2021.3 IDEs. To receive plugin updates further, please upgrade your IDE to 2022.1.

New Features

  • #8839 Provide builds for 2022.2 major release

  • #8828 Implement unsized coercion in type inference engine. In particular, this fixes false-positive errors like type mismatch between Box<[u8]> and Box<[u8; 4]>


  • #8835 Type inference improvements:
    • Infer closure parameters types when a closure is assigned to a variable and parameters types should be inferred later
    • Fix ? operator with Try trait. The (unstable) Try trait was moved to core::ops::try_trait::Try and its associated types was renamed. Now ? works for Poll<Result>, for example.
    • Fix for loop over type parameter implementing Iterator
    • Derive recently added unstable Destruct trait for all types. It is used as a trait bound in stdlib
  • #8776 Take into account line breaks when showing rustfmt error messages

Full set of changes can be found here