New Features

  • #8807 Use proper terminal if Emulate terminal in output console option is enabled in Cargo Run configurations. It can be used for interactive output, like indicatif progress bar. Also, this option is now available on Windows

  • #8829 Highlight urls in string literals and allow opening them in browser from the editor

  • #8867 Annotate using feature attribute in non-nightly release channels (E0554 error)

  • #8863 Drop support of 2021.3 major IDE release. To get new updates of the plugin, upgrade your IDE to 2022.1

Performance Improvements

  • #8890 Slightly speed up type inference

  • #8881 Get rid of toolchain validation in local inspections. This should improve performance under WSL 2


  • #8882 Fix external linter on the fly on the nightly version of the plugin

  • #8877 Update LLDB/GDB pretty-printers to properly render Vec children using Rust 1.62 or higher

  • #8864 Fix rendering of assoc type bindings in Implement members action

  • #8925 Fix procedural macros expansion on nightly Rust

  • #8896 Fix potential IDE crash because of too large macro expansion

  • #8907 Fix resolve of procedural macro when there is other item with same name in scope

  • #8885 There is a rustc limit for nesting depth of macro expansion. The default value in rustc was changed from 64 to 128 some time ago. Starting with this release, plugin also expand macros up to 128 nesting depth

  • #8872 Don’t throw NullPointerException during quick documentation generation in some cases

Full set of changes can be found here