New Features

  • #9047 Improve Inline function refactoring:

    • Use fresh names when adding new bindings to avoid shadowing existing ones

    • Inline simple arguments (e.g. literals) when possible to avoid unnecessary bindings

    • Do not break code when invoked on a nested function call or inside a block expression

    • Handle destructuring assignments and nested function definitions

Performance Improvements

  • #9074 Slightly optimize name resolution

  • #9027 Slightly speed up highlighting and appearance of inlay hints


  • #9169 Fix possible stack overflow introduced in the previous release of the plugin

  • #9083 Resolve enum variants in match patterns properly

  • #9106 Resolve reexported macros properly

  • #9155 Do not suggest unexpected or duplicate completion variants in Cargo.toml

  • #9152 Do not suggest macros when completing module names

  • #9150 Fix handling of self parameters in Change signature refactoring (by @Kobzol)

  • #9117 Fix Rename refactoring when invoked on a constant used in a shorthand init

  • #9146 Disable Extract struct fields and Generate getter/setter actions when no fields are selected (by @Kobzol)

  • #9158 Auto-import on completion now respects underscore imports

  • #9138 Fix auto-import when completing items inside trait implementations

  • #9132, #9107 Fix resolve of certain items and macros declared in nested include!-ed files

  • #9082 Support .awaiting types that implement IntoFuture and resolve the output type (by @ForsakenHarmony)

  • #9097 Properly add Cargo settings in Rider 2022.2

  • #9151 Fix cache invalidation after changing Expand macros settings

  • #9095 Fix error messages about unsuccessful macro expansion when the procedural macro expansion is not enabled or when a declarative macro call is cfg-disabled

  • #9079 Allow changing the shortcut for Rust REPL command execution via Execute Current Statement in Multiline Console option in Keymap

Internal Improvements

  • #9160 Fix attribute-info crate compilation which is used to update the compiler features

Full set of changes can be found here