New Features

  • #9641, #9699 Support Intention and quick-fixes preview in 2022.3. Note, not all intentions and quick-fixes have a preview at this moment. See the corresponding issue for more details

  • #7353 Support code insight features (like completion, navigation, find usages, rename, etc.) for intra-doc links

  • #9649 Enable native Rust support in MSVC LLDB in 2022.3 IDE builds on Windows. Currently, the most visible improvement of the native support is the proper displaying of Rust primitive type names, such as u64 instead of unsigned long long

    Before After
    image image
  • #8958 Provide support for proper build script evaluation and procedural macro expansion on Windows with arm64 CPU

  • #9350 Support renaming (Refactor | Rename or Shift+F6) derive procedural macros

  • #9694 Enable derive procedural macro expansion in nightly plugin builds. To turn it off, disable org.rust.macros.proc.derive experimental feature


  • #9698 Specify type explicitly intention now uses fully qualified name when the same name is already in scope

  • Completion improvements
    • #9658 Show completion autopopup when typing in a recursive macro call

    • #9714 Fix type inference of const arguments in a path qualifier type arguments

    • #9708 Fix completion in a function-like macro call body

  • #9695 Properly load stdlib metadata with custom build target

  • #9689 Fallback to hardcoded stdlib structure if fetching of stdlib structure failed for some reason

  • #9633 Fix clippy if the run configuration doesn’t contain Build Before Launch task

  • #9602 Show error about incompatibility between Run targets and WSL toolchains in Run/Debug configuration editor

  • #9585 Fix Add unambiguous imports on the fly option for 2022.3

  • #9525 Substitute Self in Inline function refactoring (Refactor | Inline... or Ctrl+Alt+N)

  • #9470 Improve completion when the caret is placed in the middle of an identifier

  • #9515 Add trailing comma if needed by Add missing fields quick fix (by @t-kameyama)

  • #9377 Fix documentation hyperlinks for procedural macros (by @afetisov)

Internal Improvements

Full set of changes can be found here