New Features

  • #10002, #10032 Add initial support for 2023.1 EAP builds. The Early Access Program gives you free access to pre-release versions of JetBrains software and doesn’t require a paid IDE subscription. Also, 2023.1 EAPs fix several debugger issues:

    • #9933 Fix dereference operator when evaluating expressions in LLDB

    • #6676 Show the correct values of function parameters when using LLDB on Windows with MSVC toolchain

  • #9991 Drop support for 2022.2 platform

  • #9977 Provide separate icons for constants and statics

  • #9974 Provide Inject language or reference intention action inside macro invocation bodies

Performance Improvements

  • #9978 Speed up Insert imports on paste action. Note, the corresponding feature is disabled by default. You can turn it on via Rust | Insert imports on paste option in Preferences | Editor | General | Auto Import panel

  • #9960 Check if any plugin action is available in the current context in the background thread to prevent possible UI freezes in some cases


  • #9945 Filter out methods of inaccessible traits from completion list.

  • #9589 Fix jumping outside closing bracket/quote with Tab when typing

  • #9786 Fix rendering of huge strings when debugging with LLDB

  • #9901 Fix broken compilation of some crates (for example, thiserror) after build script evaluation by the plugin

  • #10021 Fix handling of Fn* trait with path lifetimes in Needless lifetimes inspection

  • #10014 Fix the UI freeze caused by the navigation bar

  • #9990 Properly resolve custom macros with the same names as built-in macros from the prelude

  • #9988 Trim template name and URL when creating a new project using a custom cargo-generate template

  • #9971, #9982 Fix incorrect macro expansions when block expression is involved (by @foriequal0)

  • #9930 Show a proper error message for usage of undeclared lifetimes

  • #9914 Properly process top-level items by Main function not found inspection. Now it takes into account cfg attributes and items expanded from macros. Note, you need to enable attribute macro expansion via org.rust.macros.proc.attr experimental feature to fix false positive Main function not found with rocket library

  • #9850 Suggest Elide lifetimes fix in case self parameter has reference type like Box<&Self>

  • #9842 Suggest Elide lifetimes fix in cases when a function has fn pointer parameters

  • #9472 Fix default generic arg subst if it refers to another generic param, for example struct Bar<A = Foo, B = A>

Internal Improvements

  • #9974 Plugin developers now can implement MultiHostInjectors to make language injections into some macro invocation bodies

  • #9678 Slightly speed up Gradle task execution on CI thanks to better caching

  • #9927 Add support for showing reference usages Code Vision. Note, these hints are currently disabled by default because of possibly low performance and negative impact on other editor features. You can turn it on via Registry... | (by @Kobzol)

Full set of changes can be found here