New Features

  • #9864 Show type hints inside function-like macro calls

  • #10103 Take into account attribute procedural macros applied for an impl or trait member. Note that attribute procedural macros expansion is disabled by default for now. To turn it on, enable org.rust.macros.proc.attr experimental feature

  • #10120 Support underscore expression

  • #10118 Detect E0571 compiler error (by @kuksag)

Performance Improvements

  • #10095 Skip expansion of cfg-disabled macro calls inside functions


  • #10105 Fix the icon for abstract functions in the New UI

  • #10018 Don’t show unstable stdlib items in completion list while using stable or beta Rust compiler

  • #10139 Fix handling of attribute macro tokio::test in some cases

  • #10071 Don’t complete built-in attributes for qualified paths

  • #9996 Fix namespace shadowing for a path in a type argument position

Internal Improvements

  • #10098 Slightly simplify RsTemplateBuilder API

Full set of changes can be found here