New Features

  • Detect new compiler errors:

    • #10285 More than one explicit lifetime bound was used on a trait object E0226

    • #10283 A union expression does not have exactly one field E0784

    • #10268 Unsafe code was used outside an unsafe function or block E0133 when accessing union field outside unsafe block

    • #9375 Warn about unused label unused_labels

  • #10281 Support Clean (CLion only) and Rebuild ... actions which are equivalent to cargo clean and cargo clean && cargo build respectively. You can access then from the Build menu


  • #10301 Fix expansion of macros that contain reserved keywords (e.g. do) in their body

  • #10295 Don’t suggest a project model reloading after creating a file in a nested dir in tests dir

  • #10266 Fix code analysis inside functions under sqlx::test macro

  • #10265 Don’t show “Conditionally disabled code” in the Problems view

Internal Improvements

  • #10286 Initial implementation of MIR

  • #10277 Set up tests for an intention action inside an attribute macro

Full set of changes can be found here